Fig. 4 at David Roberts Art Foundation

DRAF, Fig: 4, Lisa Skuret

I have exploratory work in three forms: sound, installation and performance included in this exhibition in early 2012.

Fig. 4: Time Capsules and Conditions of Now
DRAF (David Roberts Art Foundation), London
06 January – 12 January 2012

Opening Reception: Thursday, 5 January 2012, from 6:30pm

Events & Publication Launch: Saturday, 7 January, 5-7pm
Performance lecture by Jean Matthee
Publication launch
Live Diagramming performance by Lisa Skuret

Fig.4: Time Capsules and Conditions of Now is an accumulative research/production project initiated by curator Fatos Ustek under the framework of Vision Forum, Linköpings University, Sweden. The project embarks upon the notion of encounter while introducing a variety of conditions where the reception and recollection of the ‘present moment’ diverges.

Time Capsules and Conditions of Now simultaneously takes the form of a publication and an exhibition. The research team is made up of artists, curators and writers who have together embarked upon heterogeneous explorations of the conditions of now in the continuously shifting constellation of time-presence-gravity. Lisa Skuret, Vanda Playford, Kaz, Ole Hagen, Soledad Garcia and Jean Matthee, have undertaken experimentation at sites of historical figures such as Sir John Soane, T.S. Eliot, E. Swedenborg and S. Freud along with first-person experiences of shamanic journeying with Zoe Bran, gardening with quantum physicist Julian Barbour and meditating at 10-day vipassana silence retreat.

For this phase of the project the artists and curators in shifting from an engagement within the group, have used their research and experiences to create objects of reflection and interaction for an audience. The exhibition at David Roberts Art Foundation, London (06-12.01.2012) is accompanied by a publication. Time Capsules and Conditions of Now is the outcome of several group actions, but the physical manifestation in the space is also a zone where time speeds up or slows down to reveal the multi-dimensional yet immanently insubstantial omnipresence of the eternal now. The project playfully activates a flux of encounters and transformational objects while the artworks take on eclectic forms: a sound, a letter, a photograph, a diagram, a scent, a journey, a lecture and a book.

DRAF (David Roberts Art Foundation)