Full of Noises

Listening to buildings and writing objects – this lab draws from and builds on methods from my performance installation/live sound composition ‘A Call from the Library

WEar Reading: Exercises in Messy Listening
An event somewhere between an artist’s talk, a performance and a group exercise. Lisa Skuret will install a fictional, temporary research lab in the Art Gene building at Full of Noises. Listening happens in a shared field – a manifold which is messy and material. Visitors are requested to bring their bodies and a collective ear.

31 July-02 August 2015 – Full of Noises festival, Cumbria, UK. Download festival programme


Lisa Skuret, 'Messy Listening', 2015

Lisa Skuret, 'Messy Listening', 2015.jpg

Lisa Skuret, 'Messy Listening', 2015.jpgLisa Skuret, 'Messy Listening', 2015.jpgLisa Skuret, 'Messy Listening', 2015.jpg