Group Research Project: Vision Forum London

Lisa Skuret, Vision Forum London

Vision Forum London (2010-12) was a two year practice-led research project based in London which was supported by Linköpings University in Sweden.

The research group composed of artists, curators, theorists and a medical GP was initiated by curator Fatos Ustek. Group members were Jean Matthee, Fatos Ustek, Lisa Skuret, Ole Hagen, Vanda Playford, Kaz, and Soledad Garcia.

Investigating relationships between theory and practice, and conceptions of ‘now’, our research proceeded via unconventional methods that foregrounded direct experience. As part of our process, we consulted with experts on ‘time’ from a number of disciplines. For example, during a ten-day Vipassana silent meditation retreat, a Shamanic journey weekend, and gardening at the home of Julian Barbour, theoretical physicist and author of The End of Time: The Next Revolution in our Understanding of the Universe.

Vision Forum London was a node of Vision Forum: a network of visual artists and curators from Europe who work together with creators in other artistic fields along with researchers in the humanities and sciences. Together we engage in research, production and education. We work towards a horizontal organisation where the creators and researchers together develop the program of the organisation. Further information on Vision Forum.