Holography for Beginners


Link to ‘Holography for Beginners’ a recent piece that I wrote for Nowiswere art magazine on Ole Hagen’s exhibition at The Horse Hospital in London.

“In his conception of the holomovement, Bohm used the analogy of the hologram to explain the appearance of objects in the world. He suggested that the world is comprised of imperceptible (to the human eye) energy within which no internal or external distinctions exist and, as in holographic technology, opacity is created by wave frequency interference. In other words, all material things arise from patterns of interference, or folds, temporarily highlighted in the mobility of a universal flux. Everything is a fold in time and in Hagen’s exhibition the room acts as a type of sensory chamber, and through the filters provided, one can begin to perceive this movement.”

You can read the essay in it’s entirety here.